Job Seekers

Looking for a job?  New Jersey offers many resources to assist you in your search for a job.  The links below can help you find job opportunities, explore career choices, find educational training programs, help you write a resume and post it online, and connect you to professional networking.  Click on the links below and find the resources you need to get started.

Jobs 4 Jersey

Connect faster with New Jersey employers! Jobs4Jersey is New Jersey’s newest tool to help you create your resume and get it out there to thousands of prospective employers.  With smart technology and a new approach to job matching, Jobs4Jersey can help you find job opportunities that meet your unique set of skills and experience. Jobs4Jersey searches more than 150,000 job postings in a single search and sends you an e-mail when it identifies a good fit.  

NJ Talent Network

New Jersey’s Talent Networks have been established to focus on the specific needs of key industries in the state in order to connect employers, job seekers, the state’s One-Stop Career Centers and educational institutions to achieve the common goal of helping current job seekers develop relevant skills that lead to job opportunities, helping employers find qualified employees, and to ensure that New Jerseyans have access to training and educational opportunities that lead to the jobs of the future. 

NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD)

The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) webpage offers access to a variety of websites to help in your employment search.  You can click on the Job Seekers tab to find links to other great sites to get you on your way.  And don’t miss the Job Fairs link on the main page that will connect you to a schedule of job fairs around the state. 

NJ Training Opportunities

NJ Training Opportunities is a website that allows you to search for schools and organizations that provide occupational education and job training opportunities.  It contains information on the various programs offered by each training provider, the location and length of training, the costs and any special services that may be offered.  Additionally, this site gives you the ability to compare training providers by employment outcomes and the starting salary after graduation.  


NJ Place

Always wanted a college degree but never thought it was possible? Always wanted to learn a trade and get practical work experience?  Want a way to do both?  Then NJ PLACE may be your pathway from apprenticeship to a college degree.

NJ Next Stop

NJ Next Stop

Put yourself in demand!  NJ Next Stop is a great place for students to get help choosing the right career path.  Students will find valuable information about New Jersey's industries, jobs and cutting-edge career paths to meet their skills and talents. NJ Next Stop is the place where you will get the right advice and knowledge to build your successful future.